What other management services does MPJ offer?

MPJ is here to be the owner’s first point of contact for all decisions related to their property.

This includes:

  • creating necessary agreements from third-party providers
  • maintenance co-ordination and supervision
  • making payments on the owner’s behalf
    for example: property taxes, building management fees, utility expenses, etc.

What is the cost for these MPJ’s other management services?

As it varies per property, it will be determined after walkthrough.

What services does MPJ offer in relation to the guests?

Among other things, MPJ is responsible for:

  • creating the Airbnb and Door Le Door listings and all the content for it
  • answering all related and unrelated inquiries
  • writing the contracts
  • receiving payments and security deposits
  • ensuring that the guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay

How much will MPJ charge a guest per night?

MPJ’s pricing is set on a sliding scale which varies depending upon several factors; such as, holiday season, length of stay, period of time until arrival date, etc.

When will my property reach its optimal point so I can earn the expected income?

The first three months are typically the least profitable.

MPJ reduces the nightly rental rate in order to gain traction and earn positive reviews. This will push the business forward.

How will I see the progress of my property?

MPJ will send you a detailed report on a monthly basis.

What are MPJ’s management fees?

MPJ collects 20% of the gross income (this amount includes VAT) from each booking.

How is the management fee calculated and paid?

When the guest makes a payment, the full sum is sent to the owner.

Upon receiving the monthly statement, the owner will pay the commission and will reimburse MPJ for any cleaning fees that were deposited to the owner’s account.

What is the MPJ commission when a guest of mine stays in my property for free?

If you have allowed relatives or friends to stay free of charge, then MPJ will collect the cleaning fee only.

What is the MPJ commission when I bring a paying guest to my property?

For reservations less than 2,000 USD, MPJ will collect a 20% commission. For reservations exceeding 2,001 USD, MPJ will collect a 10% commission.

Does MPJ manage any property seeking vacation rental services?

No. MPJ manages selected properties based according to our standards and their attractiveness to our clientele.

What can I expect to earn from my property?

MPJ will provide you with a projected income based upon current market trends. Though the outcome cannot be guaranteed.

Which expenses are paid by the owner in relation to her/his property?

These are:

  • Utilities
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Gas (if applicable)
    • Broadband
  • Building management or tenants committee
  • Property tax (Arnona)
  • MPJ Retainer
  • MPJ Commission
  • Linen rental

What is the process if either party wishes to terminate the contract?

MPJ’s management services will cease after a 180-day notice is sent in writing by either party. The 180 days (six months) begin after the written notice has been sent.