What is the course of action in the event of a maintenance emergency?

MPJ will attempt to contact the owner so she/he can decide on the action to be taken.

In the event that MPJ is unable to reach the owner, the MPJ management will use its best judgement to determine the appropriate course of action.

Who pays for a maintenance emergency?

It is prepaid by MPJ to be reimbursed by the owner within seven days after receiving the corresponding receipt.

What is the cost for maintenance work done by MPJ?

In the event of maintenance tasks completed by MPJ crew, the cost is 90 ILS plus 17% VAT (per hour / per worker) during business hours.

It is the same cost for MPJ supervision of third-party technicians (who will separately invoice for their work).

Who performs the maintenance duties for my property?

Many repairs are completed by MPJ maintenance crew. In the event a third-party technician is required, MPJ will facilitate this on your behalf.