Who pays for the cleaning of the apartment between guests?

It is the guest who pays for the cleaning. Each one of them pays a cleaning fee in addition to the nightly rate.

This fee covers:

  • time spent cleaning
  • cleaning supplies
  • laundering services
  • replenishables (including shampoo, soap, coffee, sugar, and a welcome gift)

Who will provide the linen?

The responsibility is upon the owner to provide them.

All vacation rentals managed by MPJ are equipped with hotel-standard linen which the owner rents through an affordable linen rental system:

  • The property owner will rent linen from MPJ on a monthly basis.
  • The rental price for the initial six months will be a set price, and from the seventh month onwards the price will decrease by roughly 50%.
  • This system allows property owners to easily and continuously provide quality clean linens.

Are there any specific items that MPJ will need from me?


  1. A Karcher WD3 vacuum cleaner.
  2. A locked storage cabinet for linens and supplies.
    This cabinet or closet should have a minimum storage volume in order to contain MPJ’s housekeeping materials. Our team will provide further details after the property inspection.
  3. A keypad lock for the entrance.

Which basic items should my property be furnished with?

MPJ expects the property be provided with:

  • Air conditioning unit/s
  • Kitchen basics
    • Pots and pans
    • Plates, glasses, silverware
    • Toaster oven or pop-up toaster
    • Microwave (incl. plate cover)
    • Electric kettle
    • Shabbat urn
    • Shabbat platta
  • Broadband (WiFi)
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer (recommended)
  • Iron and iron board
  • Hairdryer
The following home safety elements are required in the hospitality business:
  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Fire extinguisher
-- For your peace of mind, you can delegate to MPJ itself the purchase or instalation of many of the above elements. Our team will gladly inform you in details after the home inspection.

Is TV and Wi-Fi important?

Yes, a broadband cable service is essential to your typical tourist.

MPJ recommends using the best provider in your area and having high speed Wi-Fi throughout the apartment.

Television is not recommended.

What happens if there is an issue with the television or the Wi-Fi?

MPJ recommends the modems to be installed under (or transfered to) our name.

Should repairs be needed, it will be simpler to resolve against the internet service provider

MPJ will charge you for the internet/TV subscription made on your behalf.