What is MPJ?

MPJ Vacation Rentals Ltd is a property management company specializing in short term rentals.

MPJ is here to facilitate and maintain agreements on behalf of the property owner.

Who is MPJ’s client market?

The majority of MPJ’s clients live abroad and would like to stay in their apartment when they visit Jerusalem. In the interim they would like to earn money from the property.

What is the owner’s involvement?

MPJ has you covered from A to Z.

  • MPJ will oversee that your utility bills, building fees ( vaad bayit), and property taxes ( arnona) are in good standing.
  • MPJ will maintain or hire repair people on your behalf.

How does MPJ market the apartment?

MPJ markets the property primarily through three channels:

  1. Airbnb, Door Le Door (coming soon), and other digital media platforms.
  2. Direct bookings including; returning guests and referrals from previous guests.
  3. Via other property managers and booking agents.

FAQs about the Company