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Please notice that the information provided in this FAQ section is subject to change. Updated information will be provided always prior to any agreement.

The Company MPJ Vacation Rentals Ltd is a property management company specializing in short term rentals. MPJ is here to facilitate and maintain agreements on behalf of the property owner.
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Hospitality MPJ sends detailed instructions to each guest to ensure a smooth self-check-in. However, during the initial six weeks of management, we personally greet each guest...

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Management  MPJ is here to be the owner’s first point of contact for all decisions related to their property. This includes: Creating necessary agreements from third-party providers...

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Reservations If the booking was done via a booking platform, then their terms and conditions apply. If the booking was done directly, then the following applies...
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Housekeeping It is the guest who pays for the cleaning. Each one of them pays a cleaning fee in addition to the nightly rate. This fee covers time spent cleaning, cleaning supplies...

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Maintenance MPJ will contact the owner so she/he can decide on the action to be taken on a maintenance issue. The MPJ management can also determine the appropriate course of action...

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Senior Man

TESTIMONIALS • Avi Hoffmann, UK.

"I am very pleased with the service of MPJ Vacation Rentals Ltd. They have managed our flat and our holiday rental business. We have complete peace of mind. The guests they rent to have always been wonderful. MPJ's service is always prompt and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them"

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